Token – what is it?

Today I want to discuss special coins - Tokens.

Usually we all see and know the top 10 or top 20 coins, but do not pay attention to these Tokens. There are a lot of them and each exchange has its own Token, the so-called Utility Token.

What is Utility Token? It is a token that gives its owner a certain additional level of service.

Each exchange with the help of these tokens attracts its regular users to use their own stock exchange and store (own) exactly their tokens.

In this article, we will consider only few popular Tokens: Binance, Kucoin, Huobi

Now more about each, starting with Binance:

Their token BNB coin now ranks 26th in the capitalization of almost 1 billion dollars.

The exchange that represents this token itself is very interesting, many interesting coins, interesting “pairs”.

The BNB coin started trading at $ 1.11 and peaked at $ 24.46

Thus, the BNB coin helped to make the successful investors 22X

At the moment its cost is about 11 dollars.

Token has a limited emission, in addition, Binance himself periodically buys out his Tokens and “burns” them.

The Binance Exchange itself has 7 million users and the number of people continues to grow.

What are the advantages of the BNB token?

– for BNB you can buy any other coins that are traded on the Binance exchange

– Binance made a 50% discount on the commission for holders of their tokens

– you have the opportunity to pay a commission to BNB when buying other coins (that is, having bought some “whole” coin there is no need to subtract a part from the coin to pay the commission, pay a commission with BNB and leave yourself a “whole” coin).

Some facts about the crypto currency exchange Kucoin

This is the Hong Kong stock exchange which is developing very fast. There are a lot of different coins on Kucoin. In its development, the exchange resembles its larger and more well-known competitors. By the volume of trading it is still very inferior to Binance, but the level and quality of the Kucoin exchange is very high.

This exchange has released its utility token called KuCoinshares

The starting price of KuCoinshares was 0.69 dollars, the maximum price of the token reached $ 20.59 which, as a result, enabled investors to earn 30X. At the moment, the price of KuCoinshares is only $ 5.50 (as well as in the entire crypto currency market, there has also been a recent correction)

In the rating KuCoinshares is on line 51 with a capitalization of half a billion dollars.

A total of 200 million of these tokens were released

– 100 million immediately put up for sale

– 70 million went to the team (but they will stay on hold until 2021)

– 30 million went to the original developers of the strategy, consultants, investors (these tokens are on hold until 2019)

As with the BNB, the KuCoinshares tokens are also periodically redeemed by the exchange and “burned”

What is the main advantage of KuCoinshares?

The presence of KuCoinshares allows the owner to receive 50% of the commission that the exchange earns! Thus KuCoinshares is an additional passive source of income.

Just like on the Binance exchange, owners of KuCoinshares receive a 50% discount on the commission on the Kucoin exchange.

Exchange Kucoin regulary provide some presents for the owners of KuCoinshares

Exchange Huobi and its token

Huobi is a large exchange that recently released its Huobi token (February 4). It is made on the Ether and has utilitarian properties.

The start of the sale started at $ 1.49 and at the moment it costs almost $ 2.5 (with a maximum of $ 2.80, but it happened in less than 1 month of the existence of the Huobi token)

Now the Huobi (HT) token is at 1172 in the ranking

Like NBN and KCS, the HT token gives its owner a 50% discount on the commission within the exchange.

Now there are more and more new crypto currency exchanges, many of them enter or will enter their tokens. Nobody knows whether these exchanges and these tokens will become as popular as those described above, but in any case you need to look closely at this topic so as not to miss an interesting option.